lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

The lady who loved to Sam

I can not believe you're no longer with me, I can not believe that all leave me, loneliness, and this notebook are my only companions on this evening, I tore a leaf, let me take for the inspiration, with a blue pen, I started draw lines, said that the inspiration struck my mind would be too much coincidence, something inside me began to build a figure, was a woman. A woman with long hair and perfect features typical of a muse. I was there, something struck my mind, a voice in the form of a dagger running through the walls of my head and whispering words tinged with affection.
I went to the bathroom to brush up on my ideas, but upon entering, my heart froze, there was a message written in lipstick: "I can not stay alive will no longer exist for you, you were all I had. Signed, The lady who loved to Sam. "
Since that day, I spend the twenty-four hours each day trying to remember who was Sam and who I am.
...althought the white oh this room will not let me think.

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